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Hi, I’m Ronn! I began this financial education community to share with and learn from others as I pursue my journey to a more balanced financial life.

My Story

When I was in college, I had my first experience being in a leadership position within a youth organization. The goal was to be a role model with the ultimate goal of having a lasting positive impact on these kids’ lives and their families. So, the name of the game was engagement, inspiration and dedication. The process to accomplish these objectives was clear and simple; care and share in their lives. For me it was natural, I was a fairly good listener and really did like connecting and developing relationships. This opportunity was both exciting and humbling.

Although I truly loved the opportunity, the kids and their families, it wasn’t easy to juggle my personal life, college studies, and this youth work responsibility, but I did it. To make it all work I had to function on 4-5 hours of sleep, and it seemed crazy and unsustainable to my parents and role models. (I guess they knew something I didn’t ????).

But then as if the heavens got wind of this situation something happened that would change my life forever.      

Somewhat out of the blue, the organization decided to organize and pay for all sorts of personal development workshops.  Among the first I attended was the Franklin Quest (now called Franklin Covey) time management seminar (it came with a planner and a fun lingo that my peers and I adopted). This was a time management tool based on the famous 7 Habits of Highly Successful People book by Stephen Covey.







When I attended this day-long seminar, I figured they would just state the obvious; ‘you need to organize and schedule your time’.  Although that was part of the message, the foundation of this approach was rooted in personal values. Little did I know that the component on values would help to define and shape me as a person. (mind blown sound and hand motion!) The whole approach spoke to me. I have adopted different life skills which are very much part of my life until this very day.

The lessons I learned from Franklin Covey has enabled me to manage the myriad responsibilities on my plate with more ease and even add more on to my plate without feeling overwhelmed. For each responsibility I would first define my goal and then created a roadmap and identify the small steps need to get from point “A” to point “B.”

If I had to share the gist of that grounding experience it was about balance. Finding the right balance for the things you need, want and value in your life. Hence the evolution and creation of this online education medium. Balanced Financial Life.




My Values & Beliefs

Change Comes in Bite Sizes

One can be effective in implementing change by taking bite size actionable steps. This may allow one to build momentum and limits the person from getting overwhelmed.

Goal Oriented

Similar to a navigator, being goal oriented allows one to focus on continual change- moving the needle from point “A” to point “B”; a) where am I today and b) where do I want to be tomorrow?

Knowledge is Power

Having knowledge, information and understanding may help to empower one with the tools, options and opportunities available/needed to better their situation.

My Approach

I believe that one in my shoes needs to find a balance between the factual information (like rules, deadlines and raw data) and the best practice or processes in personal finance that are based on anecdotal info, life experience and case studies influenced by subjective views.

Usually its not a one size fits all when it comes to personal finance/money education and service/tools curating.

It depends….

It depends on your situation. Your experience. Your needs. Your personality style.

Our aim is to teach, guide, suggest and review money education, tools and services to provide our community of financial learners an opportunity to gain one more nugget of money info on their journey to a balanced financial life.

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