Application for Course Beta Tester:

We want to thank you in advance for your interest in helping to “test drive” this course.

We are looking for a diverse group of individuals to beta test this financial planning course.

Please fill out the application below, we will review your application and  let you know if we are a good fit.

For individuals accepted into the Beta Test Group:

 What you can expect from this course?

  • Each Beta Tester will have the opportunity to take this $597 course for free. Once accepted, the Beta Tester will receive an exclusive coupon code via email for a $597 credit toward the purchase of this course. (credit may not be transferred nor redeemed for cash or cash equivalent)   

  • This course was designed to be a do-it-yourself financial plan along with a step by step tutorial to guide individuals through the process of building a financial plan.

  • This course was modeled  to mimic an experience that one may have when participating in a face-to-face relationship with a planner while designing a financial plan.

  • The initial modules focus on preliminary exercises that should be considered before embarking into the financial planning process; for example identifying  needs wants and goals etc.

  •  Then we cover the four building blocks of a financial plan. In this section we go into a lot more detail.

  •  In the next set of modules we take the information that one just went through in the four building blocks and apply it to case studies. This will allow you, as a student in this course, to see how the building blocks are used and begin seeing the impact of this process/tool.

  •  There are over thirty videos throughout the course, a workbook and some worksheets.


We would like to grow and improve from your experience as one of our exclusive Beta Testers. 

(Even though these are all optional on your part, in lieu of paying for the course,  we hope you would share your thoughts, feedback and testimonial with us.) 

 1) First and foremost, we hope to get your feedback. We're looking to make this course even better. So we'd like to know if something wasn't clear.  Or if there was something we could have done to make it easier for you to understand and or provide a better educational experience. 

We want the Good, Bad & the Ugly. Of course, positive accolades are always welcome, but we want your honest critique. Try to be as detailed as possible. You can send any immediate points or thoughts as they come to mind to

2) We will provide a review survey towards the end of the course. We’d love to hear about your experience.

3)In the event,you had a positive experience, we would appreciate a testimonial.

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Build a Financial Plan with Ease course


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