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Latest Blog Posts

10 Tips and Tricks for Small Business Succession Planning

  As a small business owner, you know what it’s like to wear many hats. The buck stops by you. Depending on your personality and...

So You Received a Bonus in 2020. How Should You Spend It?

Ok, so before you pass go, I need to share my approach when it comes receiving/earning a commission check, referral fee or bonus. I recommend...

10 Tips for Investors Getting a Late Start on Retirement Savings

  Time...Could've, Should've, but didn't get more of it working for my investments. Now What?  Just about everyone agrees that the best time to start...

Do Good and Save Taxes in Retirement: QCD, a not so well known tool to help with RMDs tax liability

Making a difference and saving money never felt this good For many retirees the term Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) may not evoke positive feelings. Simply...

Paying Off Credit Card Debt With Your 401K

Should We Use Retirement Savings to Pay Off Credit Card Debt? Someone experiencing financial and personal hardship may need to consider various options of staying...

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We’re each on our own journey. Some prefer a more passive approach; they sit back and let life happen. Others prefer a more proactive approach; daily, weekly or yearly, they make active choices that shape their lives. Whichever approach one leans towards, we want to foster a community of money learners like you and resources designed to help each person on their own journey.

For one person it may mean adding or reinforcing their building of good financial habits, for some it can mean a crash course to help ameliorate or catch up, for others it is a microwave money solution- now and fast! As well, there are those who recognize they need something specific to address a matter or put out a fire- one and done, and we want to be here for you too.

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